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Tokyo Consulting Firm

Tokyo Consulting Firm (TCF) is an association of independent accounting firms located around the world that provide clients with a range of accounting, consulting, and taxation services.

TCF has members throughout the world to deal with your international business requirements.

Our member firms offer a personal service that focuses on having a thorough understanding of your international needs. Each member firm is an independent legal entity, the operation of which is controlled in that country. This ensures that each firm has complete knowledge and understanding of the local culture, which is vital when setting up a new business.

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The person who works with the motive to get something often thinks that he or she is not getting anything in return, in spite of working so hard. However, the reason behind this is, just because one thinks that he or she is giving something to the customer or society does not necessarily mean that the customer or society thinks that they are being given something.

In other words, the real reason why one cannot get anything is since one is not giving anything.

We are, by instinct, self-centered. We tend to put the blame for our failure to get anything on others – for instance, our senior’s evaluations, our manager’s carelessness, and so on. We should realize early that we cannot take more than what we give. If we realize this, then we will be able to understand the importance of giving again and again, relentlessly, to society. If we keep giving, money, knowledge, experience, and everything we dream of will come abundantly later.

Based on this principle, we at Tokyo Consulting Group are committed to contributing to society through our customers.


The general image we tend to have of a successful individual is that of a very wealthy person, with a highly prestigious social status. Then, we might also think that it is not necessary to succeed by working so hard and that if there exists an easy path to success, it is better to follow that. We can see only what the successful person possesses. However, it is important to be aware of why this person has so much. A successful person is one who keeps giving something valuable to society.

To whom should we give value? (who is the client?) What are the values that we should give? (what are the products and services?) How should we give? (the specific strategy)

If we think over the above 3 points and start giving to society through our customers, we can all become successful individuals from that point. However, if one strongly wants to succeed, then one soon becomes self-centered and starts to think only about the products and services that must be sold. By doing so, one fails to understand the real needs of customers. As a result, such an individual eventually becomes a failure who merely thinks of acquiring material possessions for himself or herself only. Hence, such an individual may never become a successful person in the society.


If we are aware that we are successful, then we feel incredibly happy. Happiness means “sustained peace of mind”. No matter how much wealth we get, if we are influenced by personal interest, then we cannot maintain our peace of mind, and so we will not be able to sustain our happiness for long.

If we can sustain our happiness, the feeling of gratitude will naturally come about. We will naturally be able to thank the fact that we are living and are being let to live. It is but natural to firstly thank our parents who gave birth to us. We are devoted to our parents from our hearts. Only then, we can feel thankful for living in this society. This kind of gratitude makes us clearly aware of our “mission”.

By becoming aware of the social mission given to us and the reason we live and work for, we will further be able to keep contributing to society. Based on such values, we at Tokyo Consulting Group, all sharing the same vision, continue to contribute to society.




“What we give is what we get.”

To make “Giving” an objective rather than “Getting” means to work for others (Clients and Society) rather than for oneself. A person who can give something valuable to society through one’s clients is the person who is confident in enhancing our clients’ business through the incorporation of our services as a professional.