Internal Audit

We will support the reconstruction of internal audit process that connected to the improvement of system. Since auditors are using the same checklist to conduct internal audit, the internal audit has becoming stereotype and formalized. So, we will provide the services to review the internal audit as follows.

  • Focus on improving scenes based on 5S
  • Focus on decreasing cost and waste of system
  • Focus on obeying compliance
  • Focus on managing conditions of customer and commission
  • Focus on response to the accident and emergency

We will provide the service of internal audit of second party.

The management of quality should not only be managed in your own company, but also can be maintained by many customers. And the benefits of internal audit of second party are as follows.

  • Information can be collected objectively
  • Conditions can be controlled from the viewpoint of management system.
  • It will be not necessary to prepare internal audits by companies.
  • The time of response to audit will be saved.