Expanding Your Business


If you are only investing in the companies of your home country, and not branching out, you could be missing out on a big piece of the pie. Growing economies in other countries can have a lot to offer in the grand scheme of investing.

If you are only investing in your home country, you are eliminating three-fourths of the solid investment opportunities out there today.

Expanding Your Business

The general rule of thumb is that 20% of your assets should consist of international stocks. If you are worried that it is too much of a risk, we can give you a piece of financial advice to find out which funds would be a little less risky to invest overseas. 

Simply put, other countries may have investment benefits that are not available in your home country. Consider emerging markets in many Asian countries and the movement of some countries towards free-market economic policies. Such economies are expected to have high growth rates, which can be up to two-to-three times faster than the currently developed market economies.

If you are investing overseas in countries where the currency is stronger than it is at home, you have the potential to benefit from higher growth. This point plays into the point above, as well. If your own currency is falling in value, you will rest assured that your international investments are solid.

It is difficult for small and medium businesses to get the information they need to enter and succeed in other markets. They mainly rely on easily accessible information from the internet or capabilities within their own team to support their business decisions.

But this information often does not keep up with policy and economic movements that support strategic business decisions, such as which markets to enter or distribution partners to engage.

Expanding Your Business

Since there are so many emerging markets and so much to learn about them, we will give you one market at a time, trying to provide you the information you may need while investigating how to invest overseas. Please be reminded that if you have any questions or any other inquiries, we are very much looking forward to supporting you on your new journey!

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